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Lisa McGuire

I'm thankful for family and health, though sometimes questionable, at least I'm alive and have health. I'm thankful for makeing a difference (even a very small difference) in the lives of those who I care. I'm thankful for friends who like me for who I am and tolerate me for who I am not.And most importantly, I'm thankful for God, without whom I would not be here. Mindful meditation...I'm curious. :)


Oh WOW! What a wonderful run. I did a 5K and limped over the finish line with just under 10min/mile, which was my goal. Congratulations.


Happy Turkey Day to you too!! Congrats on your new found running time and the new blog. Kuddos to you- I could never get into the mindful meditation thing. My mind was always all over the place. Perhaps I just wasn't ready to make it work for me. You're right- it does take life changes to truly appreciate and be grateful for all the gifts we have.


Whoo hoo...congrats on the fast run! I will look forward to reading your blog and learning more about mindful meditation. :)


On January 28, 1988, I started a gratitude journal, and I have only missed writing 27 days out of the past 20 years. In 1994, my girls got their first journals, and both still write. That and daily meditation both give me spiritual peace in my crazy world. I think you will find the mindful meditation easier than you think. Happy Thanksgiving and congrats on a great race!


Great job on the run! Can't wait to check out your new blog. You are a busy woman!


Nice idea. Lessens the adrenaline surges, I'm sure.

And congrats on that time!!


Congrats on the race results - that's awesome! I have kept a gratitude journal off and on for a while. It does help but sometimes I let it fall by the wayside.


i spend a lot of time focusing on what i don't have rather than what i do have, and that's just stupid. maybe reading your new blog will help me focus on the good.

great job on the time!


One of the nicer side effects of being a court reporter is it's easy to see how fortunate I am, and the lessons are there every single working day. I'm away from that now in my daily work, because I'm in a very different setting -- the academic setting is truly wonderful. However, I think that feeling is pretty well ingrained in me by now, so I think I'm good. Also, I had the shittiest of childhoods -- not quite the shittiest imaginable, but pretty close to a 9 out of 10. And I have been the victim of serious violence that almost left me ... well, not here. More reasons for me to be appreciative of what I now have. I just read Maryse's comment and it saddens me, and thankfully it is a rather foreign concept to me. My brother and my younger sister are both like that. Debbie Downers, for sure.

So anyway... I'm starting to sound like...I don't know what. So I'll shut up.

Celebrate the good. Celebrate the accomplishments. Way to go on that race!


Congrats on the race! It must have been exhilarating to learn how well you did. The meditation class sounds great as does the blog. I took meditation and yogo a few years ago and it help me find that sense of peace, a place inside that I can go to when stressed. I'd love to spend more time with meditation again and would love to join your new blog, too.


2 years older and 2 minutes (and 6 seconds!) faster - that's AWESOME!! You GO, girl!

An attitude of gratitude - a good way to go through life, indeed. I'll be pleased to read your new blog.

Wishing you an easier road - but it sounds like you are developing good tools to deal with the bumps, as well.


Hope you had a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving!


I just subbed to the new blog. Thanks for sharing it.

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