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Life is rich with friends like that.

Lisa McGuire

You are truly Blessed, not only to have a relationship that transends "friendship" but also that you are able to recognize that this is not common, and you bear witness and are willing and able to write about it. I thank you, Terry, for enriching my life, today and always through your posts. :)

Lisa McGuire

The cake does look delish!


You are a friend like that and you deserve a life full of friends like that. The event sounds full of love and joy...perfect for a wedding. The cake is gorgeous and I'm sure the bride was, too!


This sounds like the perfect wedding to me, too -- and only certain people can pull it off. What a stunning cake and a great post.


What a wonderful post! It has had me reflecting on a wonderful friendship!! I look forward to finally seeing the shrug tomorrow.


These are exactly the kinds of weddings that I hope to give my girls. Your life is so blessed and rich to have this kind of friendship!


Beautiful post! Can't wait to see the shrug.


It sounds like the perfect wedding ... and the cake is gorgeous.


This post resonates. Thank you.


What a wonderful tribute to your friends!


This is a beautiful post and I'm glad for you that these friends are in your life.


Nice. Very very nice. Everyone could use friends like those. Glad you are lucky enough to have them in your life!


Love a good, proper dose of sappy now and then. ; ) Lovely.


Beautiful. Thank you.


I'm so glad you have people like that in your life!


There is nothing whatsoever wrong with sappy. Anything positive written for reading on a Monday morning helps the world out, don'tcha think?

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