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Gorgeous photo. I've never been, but it's on my list. Oh, and reason #7,349,208 to NOT shop on Black Friday (or a Walmart!).


What the hell is wrong with people?


Unbelievable on the WalMart front. This year, of all years, for such stupidity.

I'll go check my photo albums when I get home!


What the hell is wrong with people is right!

I remember that rainbow from last year. Beautiful!


Another example of fine humanity, that Wal-Mart incident. I am stunned.

Lisa McGuire

Sad, very sad...I know those involved did not set out to kill someone, at least that is my hope, but to actually have been involved in the death of a worker, who is doing his thing for his family...sad, very sad. Love the rainbow! The blue is SO brilliant! :)


I don't even need to click the link to know what story your talking about. It's just horrible and so indicative of our crazy, consumer society. Love your photo. Hope my picture turns out to be a good one!


My BIL told me about that incident last night -- I hadn't heard about it 'til then. So incredibly sad.


the walmart incident makes me angry. what started out as an accident just got progressively worse with people whining when they closed the store. made me want to slap people.


That Walmart story is so sad, and so unnecessary.

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