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What a great day! I just worked, then slogged home for 1.5 hours in the snow when all the other commuters had gone home.

Don't know about that organization thing, but it's whupping mine.

Tea and "we won't pay for her college education" don't go well together in the morning.


Hey, it's still snowing here Saturday morning, so maybe you can have a snow half-day. I intend on spending that half-day shoveling, alas, and take some aspirin and a long nap. Except I really should run some errands. and support the local vendors sale in Town Hall. OK...tomorrow I'll sleep.


The cookies and candy sound perfect for breaking your sugar fast. If you're cleaning and snowed in the least you can do is enjoy the goodies.


Hey, you can be sugar-free after Christmas.

Lisa McGuire

Sounds like the most perfect New England day. :) I worked, traveled slowly home, started up the snow blower...my first time :)...got the house ready for Kara's b-day bash/sleep-over. EVERYBODY (ten girls) showed and all but one stayed, she had a bad-belly. And, the most important part, Mike came home from Virginia, he was gone for 3 weeks, and NO NEW ENGLAND SNOW STORM was going to keep him away. :) :)


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