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Wow! That was a great post. I like it. I like it. I've sure enjoyed getting to know you on a daily basis this past year. It's been fun to see what's up knitting and otherwise. Thanks for all the effort you put into blogging. Best wishes for a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year.


I very much enjoyed this post. And I'll admit I'm thrilled to visit you on the first day of the New year! Wishing you a grand 2009.


I was telling myself that it was silly to check: of course you would not blog on your first day of being blog free. But to my delight you had blogged anyway!

Happy New Year!


ha ha ha ha....a post today. You kill me.

That is a great story. Thanks for it.


Great post to start the new year. Thanks.


All day I thought...I bet Terry posts today. I come home and find it to be true. The story is wonderful and thank you for sharing it! All you need is love.


Interesting perspective. If he had said "Live." Or "Do" (ala Claudia), it would have made sense too.


Great post and story! You had me sucked right in. I had a feeling you might post tonight. Lovely seeing you today :-)


Spent the day driving the length of the state of Utah. Unloaded the van, went through the mail, put a load of laundry in, and turned on my computer. Force of habit, go to your site. Yippee! A post on January first. I even bought it as your story (THAT's how giddy I was). Thanks for the great story.

Lisa McGuire

WOW, great post! Lots to think about in the story...it's good to see your post on Jan 1. :)


Cool. SHOULD is a word I try not to use. :)




That is terrific!! Happy New Year to you, my friend.


You're still here -- that's a good New Year's treat! Happy New Year, T. xoxo


Great story....I love the Daily Om messages :)

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