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Craziness. Wisconsin weather is much the same. It was 48 and raining Sunday, below 0 yesterday, and is supposed to snow today. Possibly more rain later in the week.

I think I'll just stay inside and knit.


HAHA. Knitting isn't sexy in car commercials.

I had 65 degrees. Scrambled out there to consolidate fallen branches so the Treeguy will take them all away some day. It is a MESS. And I heard sleet falling this morning, too.

Lisa McGuire

I love this crazy weather...not the bad parts-no heat, no electricity, damage to homes and property; but the way it seems to bring people together...that is what I love about this weather.


People do usually come through for each other when times are the worst. We had a storm a few years ago and homes were without for a couple of weeks. It's never good but especially bad when the air is so cold.
Knitting can be seen in so many ads lately.


We've had some wild weather her in Southern Ontario but nothing to shut down power for more then a few hours or close schools. My kids are still hoping for days off. Christmas vacation starts at the end of this week ~ if we lose power then they won't be happy at all, lol.
Hope power is restored for everyone soon!


We're hoping to head out to sunny California for the holiday, but we have to negotiate the drive out of Boise. For the first time we're thinking of going through Salt Lake and only driving interstates. We're hooked to weather.com. It's craziness out there!


I love winter, but I hate when the weather changes so much in a short time...it makes for a very messy yard. I'm sure the line crews out there were thankful for the warmer weather though.


Wild weather. I am in Central Massachusetts. Ice storm on Thursday evening. We lost power at 10:30 that night and didn't get it back until noon on Saturday. Thank God, we have friends in our old neighborhood who still do not have power today. There is only good knitting light until 4:30 in December. Freezing on Saturday. Nice and warm on Sunday and Monday. Now we have snow on Wednesday. More snow coming on Friday and Sunday. My kids have not had school since last Thursday and I have no idea when they will go back. This is New England for ya. Happy Holidays!

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