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Excellent decision.


I'm right there with you. I admire the grrls doing the sweater thing, but I don't think I can commit myself completely to sweaters.....there are just too many other things I want to do too :)


Wise choice.


12 sweaters is a lot of sweaters. that sounds kind of crazypants to me.


We'll cheerlead from the sidelines! I can't wait to see what you come up with -- lots of choices! :-)

Lisa McGuire

Very creative title for many of your passions. :) It's the job part that sucks all the time away from my passions.


I think you'll have more fun spreading your free time around to your various craft interests rather than dedicated all of it to one thing.


How about a project per month, regardless of the craft? Or six sweaters, alternated with other projects of various sorts? Or or or or......


Smart grrl. I'm already planning my escape. You have so many talents and your wise to realize they all need to be enjoyed.


We should have a "not crazy" club. lol.


If I had the brains and ambition, I would start a NaKniSweMoDo Lite group! Although I joined the darned thing, I'm already regretting it. Six I could handle, but TWELVE? Same as you...new spinning wheel, a quilt all cut out, a loom that's only been warped once, grandkids who need mittens and hats, and then there is that bin of Kureyon for the afghan. And the jewelry and gardening and....


...and thanks for helping me see the light! I just withdrew.


Wise decision. A little bit of everything is a wonderful way to go and a lot less stressful.


Exactly my thoughts, although my competitive/keep up with the Margenes heart is still thinking about sweaters. Life is just too short.


Well, maybe 12 significant or challenging projects, your choice, from among several crafts?
Me, I've got the looms looking all forlorn, not just the wheels.


Smart Cookie! Who needs the worry?


You made the right decision. Now, can I call you whenever I contemplate something like this that I shouldn't be doing, and have you talk me off the ledge? (I'm too competitive and too stubborn to commit and then quit ... )


Smart. And me too, though it's not even a possibility for me, where it clearly WOULD be for you. But lately even a LITTLE bit of knitting has been hurting my elbows big-time, and I have to knit in slow-motion. I need my hands, wrists, fingers, arms, elbows, back, neck, and hearing for my job. Cripes, I ought to be insured for $3 million, I just realized.

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