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I haven't looked at Knitpicks in a while. Would they have some blues that would help bring the afghan price down?

We're simple eaters and this holiday has made me realize just how much I do NOT miss rich food! (But I do like that fudge as well!)


When I'm adhering to a healthier way of eating I do feel so much better. And you're right you don't really appreciate it until you fall off the wagon and feel so logey and eww awful. Time for me to get back on track.


What a great post... you're so wrong, your post is filled with deep and insightful writing. I've been working on the motivation of getting back into a healthier self. Hearing - even though I know it myself - how much sugars and flour can bog a body down was the perfect thing for me to hear today. Thank-you!
Ouch, the Picnic Afghan is pricier then I expected it would be.
I for one will definitely miss you when you're gone-ish!


68 skeins??!?!?!? That's interesting to hear about the sugar/flour -- not that surprising.


You're inspiring me to stop eating crap.

That's a lot of yarn. No wonder my mom knit afghans of Red Heart!



Agree with Renee. That was an excellent read. I'm astonished the diet worked, and it makes me wonder if I should try it too.

I used to think the universe takes aim, but I really think it is just wandering down a rocky, mudholey path with no map.


Love the read too and it's so full of good info. Love simple, whole food. Good idea to sample the Den-M-Nit yarn. I've heard it's pretty good.


Yes, we all need reminders periodically (me more than most right now, it seems) of that simple rule: "garbage in, garbage out!" You've inspired a whole group of people here today, including me, to get back on the bandwagon. I haven't been as bad this holiday season as most, but still bad enough. And all that pain needs to LEAVE THE BUILDING NOW!


I've had exactly the same experience as you with spots of roundness proving not to be permanent -- big change in exercise, small change in diet for me.

Lean protein and veggies are actually my favorite things. Sweets and flour based treats hold way less appeal than they once did.


What about oatmeal? Can you eat that on this diet? Cheese? Maybe you could direct me to a list somewhere of approved foods and I can give it a try.


I will miss your daily posts.


I threw out the crap today too. Sigh. I miss it already. But not really.

Hey- about the Elann yarn- can you check Ravelry to see if someone has some to trade? Maybe you'll get lucky? Or email Elann and ask if they have some. It's a pretty afghan.

And you know, there's something so comforting about hopping onto your site and knowing that there will be a new post. I will miss it.


Don't go!

Sugar hates me too.

Lisa McGuire

Your daily musings and insights will be greatly missed, I've really enjoyed reading your perspective and I have learned SO much! I thank you, really, I thank you.
The diet/food/body issues require (demand at times) such a huge committment from everybody in the household. I applaud you and your family efforts to improve their short-term and lont-term health. You're lucky, I have to wait for everyone to die, leave home or divorce for it to work in my house.
The afghan? You'll make it work...you always do. :)


Ya know...I am right there with you this week with the creeks and groaning's of holiday eating. I feel so much better when I leave out the carbs and sugar.

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