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I love Kidsilk when I see it in the skein. The couple of times I attempted to knit with it, I thought is was like knitting with spider webs. There is a slate blue I've been admiring for a while.


In that case, the period goes outside the quotes. If you had an entire sentence within the quotes, the period to end the sentence would go inside. Simple, no? I've never knit with KSH, but I did a shawl in Karabella Gossamer and that was pretty gnarly.


I'm very thankful for my heat and hot water this weekend.


Good to hear you're safe and warm, hopefully so many others will be soon again too.
I love Kid Silk Haze, it's worth the torture on my hands for the finished products. Your blues on my monitor are gorgeous.


I think you've got that quote and punctuation thing right.
And yes, we do have to be thankful for our comforts like heat and electricity. I'm very thankful for the reliability of our woodstove and while the thought of being without electricity is unnerving at least I know I wouldn't freeze.


Two days without power was more than enough for me. I cannot imagine going without power for a week or two. Well, yes I can - burst pipes, dead plants, complete disruption of life. Knitting by candlelight is only romantic till your fingers freeze - about 30 minutes.


Isn't it amazing how we rely on electrical power for pretty much everything we do in the course of a day? It is sobering to be without, even for a short time. I hope everything is restored there quickly.


I saw my first news pictures this morning of Worcester. OHMYGOD. I feel so very lucky, only one tree. I am a big convert to electricity after this past summer, when we were out for 18 hours. It wasn't cold, it was just hot and inconvenient.


You only need be without electricity for 24 hours to find how good life is with it. It is so much worse when it's cold.
I don't mind knitting KSH (much), but the project had better be worthy.


On the punctuation within quotation marks, apparently the US stands alone. Periods and commas go inside the quotation marks, while colons and semicolons outside the quotes, and question marks, exclamation points, dashes according to logic. If those punctuation symbols belong to the quoted material, then they go inside the quotes, but if they belong to the content outside the quote, they go outside the quote. http://www.grammarbook.com/punctuation/quotes.asp
The rule of periods and commas apparently started because of technical issues with type - little metal bits - way back when.


We were very fortunate up here as well thankfully. I just hope people get their power back before Christmas.

Your KSH is beautiful. I have only once knit with it and enjoyed the process (except ripping)

Lisa McGuire

I'd say period outside the quotation mark...like the way you did it, I like your choice of "M"; we faired very well in the storm, and because we did, we had many over-night visitors...and still do. :) Just one big ol' party. Where I live the lines are underground, and I was told that in Europe, the lines are underground also. I heard today that replacing above ground lines underground is cost prohibitive. Bummer. But at the same time, having no eletricity helps keep one humble and appeciate the things that REALLY matter...God, family, health, friends and knitting. :)


The power situation reminds me: do you recall when PBS did that "Frontier House" program? John kept saying, "I bet you would love that." And I kept thinking: "And go without my lights, washing machine, oven, dishwasher, blow dryer, etc., etc., -- you name it!" I wouldn't even want to be without my eyeliner for any great length of time. I know I am very spoiled by modern conveniences!

The yarn looks beautiful. I can't wait to see what it knits up to be.

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