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Lisa McGuire

Erin will be just stunning in this dress, and you get the Best Mom of the Year award. She will (eventually) appreciate all your efforts, and I'm available to clean your car for $30.00, but since I know you, I'll give you a $5.00 discount. :)


You're a good mom.


That will be a gorgeous dress and you're wonderful to make it for her. But didn't you teach her how to sew?


You are a good seamstress if you can handle that slippery silk! The dress will be stunning as will Erin when she wears it.


What a nice mama. She'll appreciate it.... some day.


You are a good Mum.....I bet she will do your car for free once she sees that dress finished. :)


I can't wait to see how it comes out!


You are an awesome mom.


Oh, man, that is going to be GORGEOUS. I'm in awe of your skill!


Good for you! My mom sewed all of our clothes when we were young. She, like you, made my full length prom and graduation dresses. I wish I had sewing down as a skill. I flunked sewing class in British boarding school when I was 13 and it scarred me for life- kind of. Looking forward to seeing the dress finished and modeled.


AND you sew??? Man, I feel inadequate.


I am so sympathetic. I hate working with that fancy material!!


Many Great Mom points to you!

As a fellow seamstress I appreciate your efforts and as the mother of a college-age daughter I empathize with your sentiments. Last year I spent Thanksgiving week sewing a lined skirt (including a ruffle of netting) out of a gorgeous gold-embroidered black taffeta for my daughter. My daughter liked the skirt and thanked me, as I'm sure your daughter will too. (But I have the sneaking suspicion that my daughter liked the glitzy gold-thread knit top from Macy's that I bought her to wear with the skirt better!)


Ooooh, very pretty!!


I'll pay her $30 to clean MY car. I was just thinking I am going to make an appointment for my very first-ever "car detailing." A big splurge in my kind of lifestyle. :)

That dress is going to be SWEET!

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