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Merry Christmas! And what a day you had! I too was saddened to hear that Eartha had died. May she rest in peace.


I thought of you this morning when I heard that power was out in Southern NH -- sounds like you made lemonade out of lemons!


What a day! Enjoy a restful tomorrow!


Merry Christmas. I was deeply saddened by Eartha Kitt's passing. She was a local resident and could often be seen out and about. What a loss!


Here's to Eartha! What a lady. Sounds like you had an "exciting" day but I'm glad it all worked out in the end!


Eartha had such a voice and I love, love that song. Flexibility is virtue. Sounds like your family knows how to go with the flow.

Lisa McGuire

The wind was BRUTAL!! Though we didn't loose power I thought we would loose a house or a roof or something like that. I actually heard the house "moan" and "whistle"...I've never heard that before. (I was a wee bit frightened.) Merry Christmas!! Did Santa bring you something "sweet" from your list, you have been a good girl, you know. These events bring families closer together and create lasting memories. In a few years someone will say, "Do you remember when we lost power...?" And everyone will smile, some will even laugh. :) Again, Merry Christmas. :)


Whew. Your day sounds touch and go. Another outage, I would have been screaming.

Mr. E and I have listened to all the Santa Baby renditions this month on the radio, and completely agree with you. I"m sorry to hear she left us.


I am so glad you enjoyed your day and everything worked out in the end. I, too was so sad to hear Eartha died, I loved her as the Cat Woman on Batman and she sang the best Santa Baby.


It sounds like you had a wonderful day in spite of the power outage. We lost ours for a little bit up here, but not that long.

I remember Eartha most as Cat Woman...sad that she passed, but what an interesting life she had.


O Holy Night is my favorite Christmas carol. I bet Meagan did a beautiful version.

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