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Ken and I did the power shopping trip today, so we can enjoy the rest of the holiday season. Christmas tree comes next....I LOVE Christmas :)

Lisa McGuire

So far I've done some internet shopping and yesterday I caught a nice sale at Kohl's for the nieces and nephew. The tree is up, with lights, beads, a new angel topper and two, yes two, ornaments. K's new field hockey ornament and a golden "M" for McGuire. The kids will (hopefully) finish it over the weekend. We put the outside lighted trees and an angel up last weekend, but yesterday's wind storm blew it down. I don't know when I'll fix it. I'm too busy with work and too tired with life/kids/work to do much more. The stress keeps mounting...


I normally have shopped, wrapped, decorated and am all set to go before the first week of December arrives. This year I'm still stuck in thinking-about-shopping mode...
I thoroughly enjoyed your post!


Weather willing, we're leaving town for the holidays. Christmas had been scaled down quite a bit. Tree, nativity, music, and the outside lights. That's it. Really, as long as I have those four things, AND the stockings, I'm good.

My husband (once again) enjoyed the video! Thanks!


Instead of presents, give money to some of your favourite charities in the name of each person. It's not about laziness but about putting the money where it's most needed.


Danielle's tip is a good, timely one. (And easy!)


I haven't put all my snowmen out yet and the boxes have been in the living room since Thanksgiving. This is so unlike me. We don't have a tree yet but will do that sometime next week. My shopping is pretty much done, though.


I really should pull out my needlepoint Santas. They're too pretty to spend more than a year in the box and should be shown. I have a feeling your family would love you if you even if you didn't shop.


We are simplifying Christmas this year (hmm...do I say that every year??) which is still expensive, given the number of people we have in our extended household. And Claire has done almost all of our shopping! So except for the nearly constant work prepping for school, I am feeling pretty relaxed!


And tomorrow morning Robyn will help decorate!


Dude, I hope you have power....


No power at our house... I wonder if you have yours? I'm camped out at Wicked Big, where they have not only power, but wireless too! Not to mention scones and tea and coffee. I may never leave.

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