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Yes, you must have that afghan, and it must be exactly the way you want it to be. Cast on! It's sensational.


Another reminder that knitting is NOT for sissies! Be careful out there!


Nothing I can say would dissuade you and I do have to admit that that afghan is YOU. I could suggest that you do a couple of squares a month and take time for other things, but that just isn't you. HOWEVER, it could be a good way to practice "the path". Think about it. I do believe you have cast on and also found where to buy the rest of the yarn.


Oh how I wish you had taken photos of the sushi! As for the afghan - good luck!


How marvelous is that? Of course you must knit it. Make it a long term project.


You'll be most satisfied if you knit it in the same yarn. Go for it!


I'm sure it's already in the works :-) And it will be perfect in your family room!!


Oooh...I remember how much your wrists hurt after knitting your denim skirt. I agree with Margene....just do a few a month and by next winter it will be on your sofa :)


It's perfect for you! You have to knit it. A square a week is doable and won't hurt you, right?


I LOVE that afghan. I love your plan, too. Perfect.

Lisa McGuire

I count 81 squares...2 a week will get you time to heal your achy and cramped wrists and hands, and a completed afghan by Thanksgiving of 2009 (including time to sew it all together...I think THAT takes the most time.) Just in time to be truly thankful for your abilities and skills, your hands and wrists, and warmth from the afghan, in case we lose power again. :) Go For It! :)

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