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It's been almost 60 degrees all day here - in Maine - in winter! I LOVE it (all except the wet part).


Leave it out. It's such an ungrateful letter.


ah, the waving winter flag...could you file it under "Majestic"?

Lisa McGuire

Hey... I'm an "M" and I'm not ungrateful. There just happens to be a lot of M's around that M's get overlooked...it's like looking for the thing that is right in front of you. Hm...ideas for "M"...messy, muddy, melting, if and when it snows and melts away...there are yarns with "M", one I've read a lot about is Malabrigo, another is merino. There are also mountains, and mice, and music just to add a few. This will hopefully get you started on a marvelous way to represent "M" in the ABC-along. :)

Lisa McGuire

Oh and there's mussels and muscles, mindful meditation, just plain ol' meditation, and just plain ol' mindfullness. There's "m" in tealeave reading that is not good...something about a serpent and needing to guard against a person who's name begins with the letter M, could also be good if the "M" is facing a certain way, could mean that one is going to receive a letter or send a letter to some "M" person. There's milk (a no-no), marmalade (a no-no) and maple syrup (also a no-no) Hm...this is not working out as well as I had hoped...there are maple trees, which are naked and bare in need of some mittens. Melon, marshmellows, macaroons (not my favorite), macaroni, mushrooms and mozerella and munster cheese. Mmmm. And then there's also Campbell's Mmmm good soup. Get it? :0 I could go on.... :)


Tomorrow it will be F for freezing. Hope you aren't going far.


I will happily take windy, wet and warm over blustery and ***cold*** weather such as we had earlier this week.

By all means mix up the letters. Why not? I had about 10 Ms because I couldn't pick just one -- you're welcome to borrow a couple if you like.


I went incognito for a few months back around J. Too bad as I'd just been to Arizona and planned to do Javalina. Maybe I should deconstruct the alphabet to fill end-of-year blog posts, too.

I'm not sure what the eastern side of the country has planned for this weekend, but the West Coast is bracing for a big freeze, as in snow possible in Seattle and Sacramento.

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