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Thanks for sharing this album with us. I enjoyed the interview with Yo Yo Ma, and am going to listen to more of the music at iTunes right now.


Ma is a favorite at our house. My daughter feel in love with the cello when she was little and saw Ma on Mr. Rogers. Thank you for a great video.


It's taken me a number of hours to think about this. Linus and Lucy by Vince Guaraldi.

Lisa McGuire

I LOVE Yo YO Ma even though I'm not a big fan of the cello. And I'm going out to buy this CD, and can not wait! I don;t have to wait toill Saturday to tell you my choice of song I would bring if I were chosen. My choice of song to bring would be "Oh Holy Night". I can feel the PASSION and FAITH of the writer Placide Cappeau and composer Adolphe Adam. I love how it starts out with one voice, then rises to a multitude of voices. I love how the verse/voice is not repeated or duplicated with instruments. It is left to BE on its own. The music is supportive of the voice and provides a good foundation for the voice. Yet on it's own , still very pleasant and nice to listen to...again I can FEEL the PASSION and FAITH. It pulls at my heart each and every time I hear it. At times, it brings tears to my eyes. There are many, many, many songs, like "Silent Night", that I would and could chose, but they would be second choices. "Oh Holy Night", is the song I would bring for Yo Yo Ma's party.


Amazing story that goes into that CD. I must buy it from iTunes and enjoy it on my new gift. Thank you for sharing it. I love every person he has features. It's difficult to come up with only one song. I do love John Lennon and Ma's choice for the album. Maybe my choice could be Please Come Home For Christmas. We all want loved ones near at this time of year.

Linda M

I guess mine would be something non-traditional from the Paul Winter Consort's Winter Solstice album, actually probably the whole album. While its probably not exactly relevant to this post it is very moving music to me.

I'm a big fan of Yo Yo Ma, I have his autograph on his cd of the Bach Cello Suites. I heard him play in an open rehearsal with the Baltimore Symphony in 1998 or 99... the concert was sold out and the demand was so high that they agreed to an open rehersal and "meet the artists" signing afterwards. It was a wonderful event.

And, thanks to Margene, I know enough to wish you a very happy birthday.


Very nice album! I hear a lot of Christmas tunes because my four kids are all in school bands plus two accompany a choral group. The sweetest tune I have heard is "Good Night" by Lennon/McCartney. It's a lullaby, but what is more peaceful than a sleeping baby?

Thanks for sharing.


I bought the Allison Krause/Yo Yo Ma Wexford Carol on iTunes after reading your blog. It is wonderful!

I also love Kathy Mattea's "Good News" Christmas album.


Ooh, I was searching for music for a holiday mix and happened to catch up on your blog at the right time. This looks like such a great CD!


oops, forgot to add my song. I think it would be something from a muppets album (maybe "It's in every one of us"?).

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