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My mom got me started on felt ornaments when I was younger. I love hanging those on the tree each year. Maybe it's time for me to get my daughter's started on some of their own.

Congrats on the run. Way to demonstrate discipline.


Grrl, you are something else. That's a ton of great stuff to pack into the day/year. A race in the snow? That's amazing no matter your time. You truly are one of the most driven and disciplined people I know. Way to go!


Intentions are far better than resolutions. Great seeing you yesterday.


I'm so glad that you came out for some knitting -- you had a busy day! It was nice to see you again :)


You and Cheryl are crazy - but the good kind of crazy. I'm so impressed with you both, truly. Hope you and I overlap for more than 3 seconds soon!

The Attic

And posting, apparently! Glad to see it!


Holy crap.

I don't think you could have paid me to run that race. I'm in awe.



Love the race description. You made a memory, at least!

Those ornaments are cute. A little bit each day...


Well I, for one, am so glad we did that race! We began the year with passion, drive, determination, and craziness, succeeding at something that at one point we never thought we'd even attempt, and encouraging each other along the way! Talk about a good start to the year.

I am sort of laughing though that you dragged ass. You finished before me, and I really was pretty psyched at my time!


Wow - another great post. Now you can say "Been there. Done that" on the freeze-your-rear run. Love the felted ornaments. Might have to look into some of those for myself.


That is pure craziness, but I love it. :)


Nice job getting out there and running it. There are indeed things one should only really do once in a lifetime (like your ice race and me climbing up Mt. Washington Auto Road on a tandem).

Lisa McGuire

OH MY! Kudos to you and Cheryl for doing something many would not even consider...sober or hung-over. The ornaments are cute. :)

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