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I personally like to stick my cold feet up along the back of my 100 lb half-grown puppy. Speaks for the fact that I don't share my bed with any human these days, but it works for me! And wool - can't forget the wool!


Does the fact that I giggled when I read "deep buttock" make me worse than a preteen boy? Probably.

Glad you're on the road to recovery.


I take my Bucky "hot water bottle" shaped pillow to bed after microwaving it. Sometimes I put it in the bed to warm up my side while I brush my teeth or I just grin and bear it those first 5 minutes as the Bucky warms me up. My husband would swat at me in his sleep if I did what you do. Glad to hear you are on the mend.


That damn piriformus muscle! Mine can be a bother, too. When I'm cold I wrap a shawl around my neck (you know the one) and put on hand knit mitts.


We keep Dale of Norway wool blankets on the couches and wrap up in them: very effective! And we have a bunch of them ... so that it takes us awhile to notice that the girls are slowly spiriting them away up to their bedrooms!


Deep Buttock Syndrome?! Do you even have buttocks deep enough to host a syndrome in there?

Only you, Terry, only you.


I have a similar "personal warmer" -- though I have to watch it because these days I can go from cold to ON FIRE in a split-second (and not in any kind of good way). My personal warmer is occasionally augmented by any combination of three cats and a dog -- never all three cats at once, though. It can be a pretty full bed!


I throw a blanket in the dryer until it's good and hot and then rush into bed with it. Warms me from top to bottom. My husband isn't very tolerant of my ice cube hands and feet...


I got a small electric lap blanket at Target a few years ago. In the winter it's my laptop's companion. Where one is you will find the other. This morning, however, with you as my role model, I had a cup of tea rather than coffee...hmm, good, but....heading out for coffee with my guy right now!


Huh. I wonder if I have one of those muscles?


Ouch on all accounts! I hope that you mend soon!

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