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Love this, Theresa!! So glad I asked!
I now have Tea Stash envy, I'll get right on building a tea stash. Hope you heal up quick and are running again soon.
I'll be right over for a tea, put that water on!! :)
Thanks for biting. Loved reading your post,

Jennifer Jackson

C'mon over. You can peak around my house anytime. I don't have that much in the way of tea stash, but I can still offer a mean cup of tea.


After reading your blog, hanging out with you, and being in your home, I think I knew all of that to some degree.


You and I are more alike that I realized. Well, not about being a runner (although I did do the beginner run on the Wii fit yesterday) but on the stuff like clutter on the counter and being punctual. I can't sit and knit if there's stuff that needs to be picked up. Dale and Hannah - they don't even see it!


I'm with you on the clutter and the running. Not so much on the stash. And I hate being late - as a consequence, I'm almost always early, and spend way too much time waiting for others.


I use to be late until I had my second child. She needed a schedule, so I learned the joy of having a PLAN. I long for clean counters. Come over and show me where to put all the stuff.

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