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As one who has never had a laptop I can't say what I'd do. I love Mac and the new Netbooks (only for the web) are cool (and cheap), but ultimately you'll need to figure out what you need and want. You'll be missed if you're gone long!


MAC, MAC, MAC......


You will be missed while you sort things out. Good luck with the sharing. May it not last long.



I know the Mac people will be all about having you get one of those but I'm very happy with my Dell. And since it's for work and personal use I didn't have a choice - I had to go with the state contract.


I go nuts when it comes to computer shopping. I usually end up building myself a computer package/bundle online -- oh why not this, oh hell yeah that -- that's way more than I actually need and at a price that makes my eyes pop. Last time I was shopping, I walked into the store with a short list of the most important criteria, narrowed my choices based on some other stuff, and made my choice from what was there. No doubt there was a newer, shinier, better, bigger, more powerful computer to be had/built, but I'm not missing it...

Can you barter for some computer time? Maybe get yourself a thumb drive and keep all your stuff on it so you'll have it no matter whose computer you happen to be using. I don't want you to be gone too long!


I use a Micron laptop at work (have for years and years), but chose a MacBook just a few months ago to replace my home laptop. I LOVE my Mac. Before I got it, friends who are Mac users would say the computers are "intuitive". I didn't understand until I got one, but they are indeed intuitive. I also love the help videos that have answered every question I've had. I teach and got a terrific discount. If you know an educator, ask them to shop with you. Was the Mac worth the extra $$? I used the money Bush gave us last year to make the purchase, so I had the $$. I'm all about getting what you can afford. Good luck.


Please buy a Mac. My father didn't listen and I had to spend 3 weeks dealing with Microsoft support to straighten out his Windows Vista. I just ordered a Mac Pro desk top with extra bells and whistles. It's bigger money up front but way less headaches as time goes on.


I love my new Macbook.

I had a very frustrating experience with my last laptop - Dell - but have friends who have been both happy and unhappy with their Dells so it's a bit of a crap shoot. My first laptop was a Compaq and it was a little workhorse -- but eventually I couldn't add enough RAM to make it a workable machine or I would probably still be using it. However, Compaq is now owned by HP so who knows what they are like now. Crap shoot.

One thing I did on the advice of a techy friend was to not get anything extra with my Macbook except for the 3-year Apple Care, no extra RAM or a bigger hard drive or any software suites. The software is the same price whether you get it pre-installed or install it yourself later. And you could add more memory later if you need it [I sure don't, this baby is pretty speedy].

I could point out that the white plastic Macbook has gone down in price but I think the trackpad alone is worth the extra $300 on my aluminum Mac. The one thing I wish I could have afforded was the illuminated keyboard - sweet! - but heck I can save and get a wireless illuminated keyboard to use with my laptop at home.

Netbooks are so portable that they do tempt me but I use my laptop as my main computer so I think I'd have a problem with the small screen and lack of some features.


i really like my mac. it's a powerbook G4 and i've had it for over 3 years and it's been great. my battery is pretty much fried though now and so i have to stay plugged in and i'm running out of RAM and hard drive space but that would have happened with a PC. it is pricier but it's been easy to use and if i have run into problems, i've been able to buy supplies at any mac store without having to deal with customer service over hte phone.


Mac all the way baby!

Tracy J.

Dang, I was all set to sell you on my Powerbook and then it turns out Maryse already said the exact same thing. So let that guide you - two people have had their Macs for more than three years and they still work great, although yes, I'm full and yes, I have to keep it plugged in at all times. I've taken it around the world and it's my only computer. It's still an absolute workhorse and has never once crashed on me.
Good luck!


You HAVE to get a Mac. I am now on my third Mac laptop--most recent a Mac Book and I have always been happy with their performance, weight, style.....My original iBook is still going strong, too! You might pay a bit more but you won't be sorry.


Happy computer shopping. I hate being disconnected ~ makes me feel isolated and out of touch unless I'm on a vacation. lol
I've not used a MAC but been told it's the way to go if I am out shopping again.


I love my Mac. My advice, go for the smallest one. I lug mine with me on vacation, with me if I'm working on a project at someone else's hous. Portability is way more important to me than the big screen.


Not to throw a monkey wrench in to this Mac fest but I'm also in the market for a new computer. I had two computer guys (who build and repair comps for a living) that I trust implicitly, tell me NO MACs. They said that their business practices are questionable and if a Mac goes bad it's REALLY bad, not a easy fix link a Dell ect.

Both recommended either Sony or Toshiba who manufacture their own parts and stand behind them (unlike Dell, Gateway, Acer, HP)
Even consumer reports rated Sony on a par with Apple with a lot less $$. And FYI Apple current recommends anti-virus software for their computers now just like all the other manufacturers.

IF you are gonna be doing lots of graphic design, or a similar app then maybe Apple is the right choice but don't get caught up in the less virus, less hassle sell cause you can get equal if not better quality at a lower price.

I could end up with a Mac tho :)

Laura J

I am a relatively new Mac laptop owner and I wish I had spent more time learning how to move my pictures over; iPhoto and what Mac uses for (oh, great, I knew the name a minute ago) you know, the lists of files? and ABOVE ALL Adobe Photoshop Elements are _different_ and I have been trying to straighten things out for several months. That said, I leave it on sleep and don't reboot for weeks at a time and when I do, it takes no time, compared to Windows. It's also undramatic and helpful about printers and networks and doesn't say "OMG! It's a terrible big evil world out there!" as much as Windows and it is a more relaxing ride. Would do it again. Would also buy a keyboard protector (may yet) and a skin from SkinIt (did, designed own, happy).


I love my MacBook. I pretty much agree with everything else that has been said; let me add that when you do have a problem or you want to have it "cleaned" or whatever, you can make an appointment at the local Apple store, go over and deal with a real person very efficiently. I also love the fact that I get no spam and almost no pop-ups.


Another vote for Mac. At home, I have a four year old Powerbook. My work machine is a Macbook Pro notebook. (At work I also have a Windows desktop.)

After years of using a Windows machine for work purposes, the switch to a Mac was pretty easy. The biggest hurdle: not overthinking everything.

Shop on the Apple site for refurbished machines, which will save you a few $. Also check out Small Dog Electronics (Vermont based, good people): http://www.smalldog.com/

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