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I'd never seen that ice skating thing - wow, that was incredible.


YES on Bolero. And Oksana Bayul doing the Swan in the Olympics, before she got old and obnoxious.


I cried at the passage of time, the loss of youth, the crystallization of a perfect moment. And then I confirmed it all by clicking on the 2006 version. He did not do his split, they jazzed it up, did moves that weren't in the original, and creaked.


Your grrls have learned many good life lessons from you.


YES on Bolero....and thanks for that link! I haven't seen that in years. You made my day. I'd have to add Boitano and Kwan, and frankly, most of my "moments" would be skating. I saw Denise Bielman do her famous spin (and wind gold) in Hartford in Worlds in '80, and saw Scott Hamilton win gold in that same competition. I remember Peggy Fleming winning the Olympics (I'm OLD) and then there was Dorothy Hamill. I STILL want her haircut!


thanks for reminding me to watch that Torvill & Dean FABULOUS performance. It actually reminded me that I taped that performance way back when on a VHS tape!


I was in junior high. Nadia was scoring 10's.


How am I all the way down at #9 and Gillian's sweaty cross country meets are way up there? I mean, i know Erin is your favorite and all, but jeez, middle always comes in last...
Also, while I was at the gym yesterday, since dan has my ipod (Evil.), I was watching a special on FitTV about Kristi Yamaguchi!!! She's so amazing, and her and her hubby are adorable and her little girl is the cutest little thing.


torvil & dean what a beautiful performance. and as a kid thinking that olga korbut was magical! and nadia. and eric heiden winning everything in speed skating in 1980(i was obsessed with him. couldn't get enough).

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