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You really should go to Maui, though.


I HAVE complained...they don't care. If people don't sign in to Typepad or Typekey it is easier!
Where will you find the fiber? That one makes me laugh!


And here I thought I was signed out of Typepad....drat!


I was thinking St. Croix this morning, but Maui would be good, too.

Nice list. I feel ya on the chin up. xo


I hate TypePad. In case, you weren't sure.



I like your list. How's that tea stash coming?


I like No. 7, and personally think No. 9 is unreasonable for you to add to this list. When I want to know all the sorts of blues shades out there in the world, I always check your blog!

happy New Year's, Terry. See you at SPA?


Let's work on Number 1 together!


Great list. I remember doing chin-ups. That was a loooonnnnggg time ago.


Great list, especially the Maui part!!!


Great list, especially the Maui part!!!


Why knit something that doesn't thrill you when the color runs through your fingers?

Tea stash too? I'm such an innocent.

The Attic

I have no desire to do a pull-up, nor could I if I did, but I've gotta say, knock wood, my Typepad comments are working fine all of a sudden. Good luck with your list....if anyone can do all those things, you can.


I can help with the tea :-)


Yeah! What's up with that Typepad thing? I only have a few bloggers emails who don't show up. Then it's impossible to find their blog, etc. I feel like I'm losing a friend.


We just got back from Maui. GO! It was so good that none of us wanted to come home.

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