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Ha on the time suck.

I noticed. And forgave you. Fourteen months, jeez. You did spectacular work. And still do.

Tracy J.

Oh, lord. Goodreads is definitely going to suck a lot of my time for a while now. Have you found Library Thing? Similar but it seems like this one is a little more flexible. Thanks for showing it! Though if my boss knew how much time I'm likely to spend there... he would not thank you.


Goodreads has been on my radar for a while but I'm staying away! Have fun!!


Possession is such a great book. It's one I should "read" again. I'm keeping a book list on my sidebar and listening to as many books as I can. It's a great way to read.


I love getting the heads up for good reads, thanks for letting me know about goodreads.


Good for you! Fourteen months. You were missed.

Bonnie J. Cocuzza

If you're still deciding on a computer I highly recommend a MAC. About 7 years ago my daughter started Grad School and I bought her a Mac. That one had a beer accident and I bought her a Mac Book Pro. She raved about Apple computers and has completely convinced me they are without a doubt the best. I now have a Mac Desktop and a Mac Book Laptop. It's difficult to even compare them to a PC. Macs are easy to use without having nearly as many problems. I've convinced many of my friends to make the switch and none have been disappointed. Plus if you really like Windows or have a program that requires Windows you can now install that into them as well.

Good luck with whatever decision you make.

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