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Have you read The Eight by Katherine Neville? Elephants could have been leaping over my head and I wouldn't have noticed. I loved Outlander as well. They are addicting.


Congrats on the Nano. I'll tell ya, I eked out the life of my laptop for a year and a half and bought a new Macbook when they came out in October -- I love it!! The learning curve isn't really that steep. The one thing I knew I'd miss is the good ol' right mouse button. And guess what? You can bring up that right button menu on the macbook by tapping with two fingers instead of one on the touch screen. Magic! And it is so fast.

On my iPod I also have many many books. And a few movies and the two seasons of Mad Men.


Terry, hasn't anyone told you? Jamie and Claire are REAL.

Go ahead, listen to the next one.

You know you want to...



Have you ever read any of Jasper Fforde's books? I like the mystery/thriller genre, so if that's your bag, let me know & I sort out my favorites I've gotten on Audible.com


I just finished the "Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society" and it was such an enjoyable book...I kept forgetting that it was fiction!

The Attic

Listen, I got a MacBook and I'm a computer idiot. Ask the Help people at Typepad. Besides, the great thing about Macs is that you can get real, live, English-speaking local people to fix the things when they break, which isn't often. And for $100 a year, you can take a lesson a week at the Apple Store. I can never go back.


I am desperate for a belt clip for my new orange Nano. What did you get?


All books, all the time.


I love my Mac: it's not that hard to learn and you get lessons when you purchase it ... and next year I won't have to share it w/a certain daughter any more!

Books, hmm ... did you read "Pillars of the Earth"? I am looking forward to reading the sequel this summer. Or maybe I'll take it along to Chicago this February!


You'll know when you're hooked on her books when you start to dream about them. Or when you start thinking in a scottish accent. Or when you travel (by yourself) 2.5 hours to hear DG talk and sign books. Or get really angry when you hear that the new book is coming out later than predicted. Hmm. Perhaps I should read something else tonight. :)


I am iLess -- which isn't anywhere near clueLess. I do read, though slowly and boy, have I been all over the place in terms of what...


Just read the Monsters of Templeton...funny and enjoyable and now I'm reading Toni Morrison's A Mercy. Fascinating, but perhaps, not for everyone.


Truly, The Abyssinian. By Jean-Christophe Rufin, one of the founders of Doctors without Borders. Fabulous book.

Tracy J.

I highly recommend the Patrick O'Brian Aburey/Maturin series. There are something like 20 of them and they are fabulous historical fiction chock full of detail and interesting characters. They did a movie with Russell Crowe a while back on one out of the middle of the series - Master and Commander. Didn't see it, but the books are amazing.

And just a word on Macs - they're awesome and easy and once you go Mac you never go back. For when the time comes.


I'll send "The Eight". I read it years ago, then the sequel when it came out last year. Now I'm listening to it. Even better.


I am listening to The Time Travelers Wife right now and I am really enjoying it!

Diane E.

Hi! Sara Donati series. The authors are friends and Jamie and Claire actually show up in Sara's book.


Of course you ask what books have swept me away and I can hardly think of any. Luckily, I have come up with a series: Anne McCaffrey's dragon novels. I've read all of them.

The main ones that resonated with me include the 3 part series with Dragon Drums and The White Dragon, I guess because I was a loner growing up.

The rest of them have major drama going on for a sci fi series.

Another favorite is "The Bride" by Johanna Lindsey. I got such huge laughs reading that one that I convinced a coworker to read it, who laughed so hard so often that her husband actually read it and said it was okay for a romance novel. Plus, there's another one called "A Knight in Shining Armor," which you kind of have to suspend your disbelief for, plus your urge to strangle a woman for being a total pushover.

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