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I love purple! If you decide you can't use it, I'll buy it from you!


And I love the teapot in the background!


Prob'ly not. It would be like me knitting an orange sweater for myself. Don't do it.


I am wondering if the closeness of color value is part of what is making the stripes disappear.... I kind of like how subtle they are, and I suspect that from a distance they are more obvious.


Life's too short to knit colours you aren't happy with.


It looked so good in the skein! It totally doesn't work together or on you. Back to the drawing board.


I like your stripey swatch, but if you don't then away it goes. No need to knit stuff you don't like!


You love the pattern and it will look great on you. Find the perfect yarn and use this for some nifty handwarmers. At least that's my two cents.


I'm with everyone who says don't do it if you don't love it.



I don't know where I heard it or read it, but every time I hear PURPLE these days, I think "Purple is the new black." Just thought I'd share.
; )

Linda M

I like your swatch a lot and I can see the stripes in the photo. My favorite Tempests in Ravelry are the subtler ones where the colors are close but you can still see some striping. I have yarn stashed for Tempest in Olive and Victoria (plum/olive/brown) but I would wear your colors in a heart-beat. But if they don't make you happy by all means use the yarn for what you want it for and keep looking for colors you like better for Tempest.

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