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They ARE perfect together. Susan said Tempest was the best sweater she'd ever knit. That's high praise. Can't wait to hear more!


Like night and day. It really is amazing how much a difference a light box can make. Thanks for the links! Now I want to make one, too.

And, yes, I can totally see why those yarns need to be knit into a sweater together.


Oh man! What a difference. Thanks for the link to the instructions. I have an industrious daughter who I will have make one this weekend. I have a stack of FOs to photograph for ravelry, but just haven't liked ANY of my shots. This will make a difference.

Enjoy those colors!


I've been thinking about setting up a light box as well. My problem is lack of space. Have you seen this tutorial for a boz you can easily disassemble after use? http://www.instructables.com/id/Collapsible_Light_Box_For_Those_Short_On_Space_And/


The yarn is gorgeous! I use white poster board the kids do projects on from the dollar store infront or a south facing window. Colours on my monitor are pert near identical to the skeins I hold up beside them. Love white!!


Aren't light boxes amazing? There is a folding one similar to the laundry hampers that collapse down in to a small flat package I am coveting. Perhaps for my birthday I can get the kids to get me one!

The Attic

I've been thinking about making or buying a light box for ages. I make do with a big sheet of white mat board leaning up against a cabinet near my kitchen window. With almost white counters, it's okay and storage isn't much of an issue. Light box is better, though!
Thanks for that link.

Tracy J.

Thanks for that! It's so hard to get the right lighting in winter especially, and this never occurred to me. The yarns are beautiful, too, and will clearly go well together.


Wow what a difference! In the first picture they look almost the same, but in the other pictures I can see just how nice they would be together for Tempest.

Koigu will make such a nice weight and soft sweater.


I made a light box a couple of years ago with PVC tubing that comes apart for storage and a white sheet for the drape. I should pull that out again....


Holy crap, that's amazing!

Great yarn.


Craft Magazine's blog just had this cool tute on how to build a collapsible light box:


It uses reflected rather than diffused light, but I imagine the idea could be adapted for either.

Now I want one, too.


Doh! My link is the same one that Harper posted above, I think.

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