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And these days, depending on the airline, you get to pay a fee for each bag as well! Not to mention pay for a box lunch on the plane (if you are lucky).... times have changed since we used to complain about airline food!


I was sure you were going to say "knitting".

I fly as little as possible these days. The aggravation on each end of a trip ends up not being worth it.


Have fun!


Safe trip! Hope you get some good pool time.


Have fun!!! Safe travels and see you soon. :)


Have a super good time!!

The Attic

I thought I was the only one packing her own breakfast and beverages when traveling! I'm dreading the next time we have to fly...we actually drive to Baltimore so we can take Southwest. At least they're funny!


Have fun!!


keep it up...


Have a wonderful trip! Paying homage to the Mouse? Enjoy the warmth and sunshine.


I see absolutely nothing strange about your packing list.

Mmmm. Tea.


Men? What do they know anyway? Totally get the need for a proper cup.


Mwahahaha, and I just returned from a 10-day trip that included a 3-day cruise and two coasts, four cities, two countries, about three weather zones, and variable weather, all in a carry-on and a tiny backpack. I promise I won't tell your husband.


Have a great time and enjoy the warm weather!


Have a blast!


We're going in May, but since my kid's only 3, I bet this isn't remotely close to the last time.

Have a fun, safe, Mickey-filled trip!

Jennifer Jackson

Bon voyage. Have a wonderful time. OK - I'll admit I'm surprised. I expected the second bag to be filled with all sorts of knitting. The tea sounds interesting though.

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