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Happy birthday to the Spousal, and I think I want to go to that church, too. Even though I'm Jewish...


Okay. This post just makes me smile. Happy Birthday Pete!!


Your guys got great legs!
I about fell out of my chair...of all the people who would be cool to meet Bono is at the top of my list.


Happy Birthday, Pete! I sat next to Terry while she knit those socks for a bit and I can say that they are beautiful.
Gillian met Bono? ZOMG!


Oh, and since I know what the other gift was - did he like it? Did he laugh?


Good lookin' socks on great lookin' legs!

I bet Gillian is glad she went to church that morning. How cool!


Great socks!
Bono?! Seriously??!! Wow, I want to go to that church to now too. :)


Great socks! I remember the days of Spencer for Hire- my DH and I bumped into them on Charles Street in 1985 filming. We watched Avery Brooks doing a scene next to a phone booth while we were eating Italian Gelatto next door.


I saw that on her facebook page and I was overcome with jealousy. Bono!! That is so cool!


Happy Birthday Pete...great socks on great legs!

I saw U2 on Good Morning America last Friday....but I would much rather have seen them in person, even in church! Lucky Gillian!


Happy birthday to the aging young guy!


Happy Birthday Mr. Legs. Great looking socks.


Hubba hubba. Happy Birthday, Pete!!


Happy Birthday to Pete.

The Bono thing is SO COOL!!


Happy Birthday Pete! It definitely pays to stay in shape so that he can be a male model.


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