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I hope so, too. All the best to your mom -- thinking of you and your family, T. XO!


I hope so, too. All the best to your mom -- thinking of you and your family, T. XO!

Tracy J.

Sympathy and best wishes to you and your whole family. Also - awesome hat in a great color.


The hat is beautiful. Sending good thoughts to you and your family.


Your mother has been in my thoughts everyday, as have you and your family. The hat is full of hope...it's a beautiful thing.


Hope mom doesn't need it either, but it is perfect if she does.


Wishing your mom all the strength and love to fight this batttle. She is lucky to have your beautiful family beside her.

Laura J

Aww, hugs to all of you. If hats can make it better, it will. I am sure this one will make your mom feel loved.

I think good thought to all of you.


I've been thinking about your mom and wondering how she has been handling this since you told me about it. I'm sure the hat will be a great comfort to her. Even is she doesn't need it, it's wonderful that you spent the time knitting it.


What a difficult time for all of you! I wish you all strength, and send hopes for health and happier times. Shedir is lovely.


The hat is lovely. I'll be thinking of your mom, you and your family.


Hard stuff. Beautiful hat on a beautiful girl, but still - hard stuff. My best wishes to your mom and everyone in your family.

Kat with a K

The hat looks great, and my thoughts are with your mother.


Hoping for a speedy recovery and no need for the beautiful cap!


Thanks for sharing, Terry. Prayers for your mom, and kudos for the pretty hat!


chemo caps are the worst thing to knit. ever. i couldn't do it when my dad was sick... but my entire guild knit them for him.


I'm glad that yarn came in handy.


Best to you and your family. Take care.


She does and the hat is lovely, too.

I totally understand not sharing too much on the blog. Opening up leaves oneself open to whoever/whatever might wander by and that's not always good or welcome.

I'll be thinking about your mother and the rest of you. xo


Geez, Terry, life can throw some sucky things sometimes~ CANCER SUCKS! All the best thoughts to you and your Mom and the whole fam. Healing thoughts....
(Meg DOES look really cute in that hat~)


Your mother and family are in my thoughts.


I hope she won't need it either. All my best to your mom right now.

Imelda / GreenishLady

I am wishing your Mom well. I'm glad you did share this, so that we could send good wishes for her healing and comfort. Bless you all.


I hope the best for your mom as she goes through treatment. Sending good vibes and prayers. Your hat is lovely. What a wonderful springy color.


I am keeping all my fingers crossed and prayers sent that she will not need it either.

I think of you guys frequently...and yes, Megan is a doll in that hat!


Sending good thoughts to your mom. Perhaps she's crossed paths with my sister who has also spent quite a bit of time at Dana Farber lately.


That's a perfect hat for your mom and Meg looks smashing in it too. Sending you all my love, prayers, hugs and good vibes for the long road a head.


I understand keeping private things private. But sharing can also bring a wealth of results in prayers. There was a study @ Duke several years ago that showed that people had better medical outcomes as a result of people praying for them - even if they didn't know that the prayers were being made. So prayers for your Mom and for you.


Oh, I hope your mom doesn't need it, also. Sending good thoughts from this godless state next door....


Good luck to you and your mom! That's a beautiful hat you made. I made one for a neighbor and friend who was being treated for breast cancer. She's in remission now, and she says that this is the only cap she has that still covers her ears now that her hair has returned, and that it has stood up beautifully to regular washing. I hope yours brings the same sort of result!


Healing thoughts to your Mom and wishes for a good recovery.


Sending healing thoughts your way for your Mom. Pretty Shedir and daughter!


The hat is a wonderful gift, a handknit, knit with love, from daughter to mom. Sending knitters' healing mojo her way.


I love the hat. I'm praying for all of you!


Very best wishes for your mom. Perfect pink hat!


i wish your mom and your family super human strength.


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