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I won't miss a cold neck. Or the complaints of others. ;-)


I won't miss being cod all the time. My hands, my feet, even my nose always cold.


I won't miss cleaning icy windshields or getting salt from my vehicle or the sidewalks all over my clothes. Or the heating bills.


I won't miss flinching every time I go outside.

Although, I do like winter. This year, though, it was a bit harder to feel the love.


One thing I won't miss about winter: WINTER!! Yeah. I'm ready for spring!! We've suffered enough this year. It's time.


Sometimes, I feel like what I have over here in Northern California shouldn't be called "winter" because it clearly does not compare with what everyone else seems to be going through.

The only thing I hate is that it's over.

Lisa McGuire

My pet peeve about Winter is people complaining about Winter...hello, this IS New England! I'm a transplant/Air Force Brat, but the people who I find complain the most are pure-breed-to-the-bone-and-beyond New Englanders, I just don't get it. I love your list! :)


I won't miss the salt and sand tracked in on peoples shoes or the donning of coat, gloves and boots just to be outside. But the snow did dress up the branches and make them pretty for a little while.


So agree with #10. Their season lasts longer than my season. Give it a rest.


ha! i'm so with you on #10. i'm sick of the whining about winter.

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