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A wonderful shawl for your mom!


That's a beautiful FO, filled with love. Crossing fingers and toes on all stages of therapy here.


Lovely shawl - I bet your mom will love it, and love you even more for doing it.

I've knit for Afghans for Afghans in the past and I think they are a very worthy organization.


The shawl is a wonderful gift for your mom and I'm so glad to hear that the chemo and radiation did what they were supposed to do. The news about Kay's husband is so sad and I think it's wonderful that you are doing something in honor of her family.


The shawl is just beautiful and will be so soothing and wonderful for your mom.


Oh, I am sooo happy for your mom! Each week I know my family prays for yours... and post surgery-- my dad said an ice pop never tasted so good!

email if you need anything...


The shawl is lovely and she'll love wrapping up in it. I do love to wear my WP and it's prayers and love. It's so good to hear she's cancer free.


what great news about your Mom and what a lovely shawl!


I'm glad to hear that treatment has gone well for your mom.


Cancer is a nasty disease. Know I am holding you and your Mom in my prayers as she works her way through treatment. Love the prayer shawl as I am sure she does too.


The shawl is gorgeous. Wonderful, as always, to see you yesterday :-)


Terry....what wonderful news about your Mum!! I will be praying that all goes well with her surgery!


So glad to hear of your Mom's progress. What a cause for celebration! And what a lovely way to wrap her in your love.


So glad to hear your Mom's treatment was successful! Sending good thoughts your way :)

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