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Ha! Your picture(s) turned out GREAT! I love my Shapely Shawlette.


I too feel like Easter isn't the same without having gone to church. Unlike you I didn't go, but for the same reasons (nothing to wear) and others (the family). Loved your choice in clothes to wear complete with lambie pin.


It's great to see you post and I totally have the same food aversion...twinkies aren't food and I'm not a fizzy drink fan (except beer) either. The shawlette is lovely and made more so because of the pin. That pin is fabulous (as are the pictures of you).


Up From The Grave is Dale's favorite but I love Christ the Lord is Risen Today. I've been playing it on the piano all week.


I'm glad you posted! I was getting worried that things were not ok.

While I am usually a water drinker, every so often I get a craving for a Diet Pepsi w/a wedge of lemon or lime. Usually when I am eating something salty!


The pin, the shawl, the pictures -- all FAB!

Cheryl S.

I'm with you on the sodas! Never liked 'em.
I think your 'rule' (even if you break it once in a while) is excellent. My husband and I have a family member who can drive us nuts sometimes, because if SHE doesn't like something, then it's awful, disgusting, worthless, etc. Nobody should like it. And if someone else DOES like it, then they have no taste or are stupid.


Very cute.

Curse of the Pharoh arrived from my library and its the right one!


Not boring at all. .


Best part of the post is your pictures in the Shawlette!


Since meagan clocked 23 hours of work total in the past 48, she didn't get to see your post until right now...but yes, she loves it. Love you mum xoxo

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