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Cute but bratty. o.0

I think it's one of those eternal questions, the pins. Like where the second socks goes and why some people can never put the TP roll going the right way.


I know so few celebs on your list so in my world they do not exist, isn't that so? Can't wait to see the shawl in action.


Hahaha. I'm not even going to ask which way is the "right way" regarding TP.

I'm with Margene: can't wait to see that shawl!


Well, try bobbin lace, that'll put those few pins you need to block a lace shawl into perspective ;-)

However: That shawl looks very nice even in those teaser photos! Can't wait to see modelled/full sized photos!


OMG - that is a lot of pinning. How long did it take?

Ditto for me on your Ten list. I was just mentioning the Tom Cruise and Mel Gibson exhaustion factor yesterday.

PS - Are you going to Sock Summit?


Pretty - pins be damned.

I think you made my list for me. I would only add Brangelina (feh).


What, do you not believe in blocking wires?

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