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Love it all!



Thank you for the report on your mom. I'm mustering up lots of good thoughts and prayers for her!


All the very, very, very best wishes for your mom!!


Prayers for your mom...


Oh, that's good news for your mom! I hope she does well from now on, too.


So glad everything went well with your mom! Continued prayers and healing thoughts are being sent her way.

Those holes in the pine tree look like the practice holes of a pileated woodpecker. I have a tree that looks very much like that. Looks like you had an awesome hike! Thanks for sharing the photos.


Prayers sent! And I have one of those (multiple cross-outs), too, just a different name and no motorcyle. Okay, and he doesn't wash floors, either. Otherwise, twins!


Thanks for letting us know about your mom. She's in my prayers.


Please forgive...I didn't mention your mom in my recent email. You both continue to be in my thougths and prayers...I had the same journey with my mom. I hope she grows stronger each day and can enjoy a beautiful summer with you.


Sending all my best wishes and fast healing thoughts to your mom!


Glad to hear mom is through surgery. Continued good thoughts headed her way.


Terry, I am so happy to read that your Mom's surgery went well!!! You and she have been in my prayers.

Pete is pretty darn cute in a Harley jacket....just sayin' :)


Tons and tons of good thoughts, good karma, ether vibes (not the sleepy kind) being sent your Mom's way. Having a thrilled surgeon is a very very good thing.


Great pix -- and what a nice day for a hike! Give your mom my love.


And prayers of course!


Glad to hear that all is as well as can be expected with the surgery, and happy you had such a nice hike!


All good wishes for your mom, wish I was hiking with you!


Yay! Best wishes for your mom's continued recovery.

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