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It sounds like going from heaven to hell. That kind of service is unacceptable and hopefully they'll be made to change.


What.a.nightmare. Maybe the train next time? (At least you could still knit.)

I cannot beLIEVE you got to the Tony Awards. I am so jealous!!


Ah geez. That sounds awful. I would have had a total come-apart meltdown at about 11:30. I can't believe you toughed it out.

State trooper gets a gold star for trying tho!

Ann Grandmaison

I love your blog and am very jealous that you were at the Tony's.
Monday really was the day from hell for all of us poor suckers. I posted a link to your blog on our blog so maybe there will be power in numbers: http://www.theculturebuddies.blogspot.com

Ann Grandmaison


Nice arms on you.


What a nightmare! That makes me wary of ever using a bus ...


Holy crap....what a long and frustrating day for you, but still...........you were at the Tony's!!

You grrls looked great in your dress up clothes!


Too bad about the terrible trip...we do AmTrak to Baltimore frequently and it's not bad. Better than the bus! But you got to go to the TONYS!


I've always dreamed that one of my girls would get me to the Oscars to witness their acceptance of the award for Best Art Direction or Best Costume Design. Doesn't seem likely, but I still dream my little dream every year...



That bus service is ridiculous. And really, knowing how you feel about traveling, I can just imagine how upsetting it was for you. I'm glad you had a good time at the Tony's, though. And Hannah says to let her know if Gillian ever has an extra ticket. :-)


Oh no! I wish you had taken my phone number. I would have come to rescue you as you were in my stretch of I-95. What a nightmare. Thank goodness you had some knitting (as if that's any consolation)


What a wonderful weekend and what an incredibly infuriating end to it. I completely second Margene's comment. Glad that you made it home safe and sound!


That sounds terrible! I've been on the Fung Wah bus and had it break down twice, which I thought was pretty terrible but a new bus was there to get us within 20 minutes.


It is SO too bad that your wonderful Tonys experience had to be tainted with this afterward! Ugh.

Cindy in Happy Valley

My 78 year old mom occasionally takes GH from her home to Philly (and back) to stay with my sister. She constantly complains about not being able to get a seat when she travels home on Mondays. (What is it about Mondays?) Of course, she blames it on the "college kids" who won't give an "old lady" their seat, but we are left to wonder what the hell is GH thinking?


I'm with Claudia - give Michelle Obama a run for her money in the guns department.


That nails it. Never patronizing them ever ever ever. I'm glad you are safe.


Thanks for the blogs to let folks know what we went through. People were nice to me; I had a knee replacement and could not sit on the grass or stand for long periods of time. Teri graciously got me a chair from McDoanld's and Paul got me something to eat. They made a bad experience easier to deal with.


I had a very similar experience years ago while traveling with two babies on Amtrak...not.fun...my condolences! I have visions of you knitting several lace shawls and reading two books while you waited! But to see the Tony's in person with your daughter...priceless! I hope you enjoyed every second!

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