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Oh, hell, I should just send you all my laceweight yarn. All the blue laceweight, at any rate.


Gorgeous and, again, the beads are inspired.

Linda M

both are gorgeous... I had a feeling I knew what the end of this post would be as I was reading it. What a generous contribution to Claudia's efforts. Yay for you!


That is beautiful!! I love the beads!


You are the best! Thanks so much.


You are amazing...and blessed with the gift of generosity! I'm sure the shawl is greatly appreciated and will earn a substantial amount for MS! Congratulations!

I emailed you a couple of weeks ago praising your lace work and asking where to begin. I love them all but want to be successful on my first go-around. You make it look so easy...


Absolutely gorgeous!!! You do amazing work. You are truly an inspiration. Should you find yourself needing a little extra help in the vision department... please visit our website http://www.debspecs.com/ for quality affordable reading glasses and magnifiers as well as some great gift ideas for Father's Day and everyday.


I have been having a hard time clicking on your posts and pictures of lace FOs, because I am badly tempted to start something (anything! that's not a sweater!) lacey. Right now. This very second.

Gah - that yarn is too nice for words, not once, but twice.


That shawl is insanely gorgeous.


Oh, honey, I know that mad race. Pattern vs yarn vs you. I'm so glad you won.

And it's a gorgeous shawl... even if it isn't blue.


What a generous prize. You're amazing. You make it look so easy. It's a double-bonus for a Finishing Friday. Great work.


OhMAN, I'm glad I donated. Maybe my lucky number will come up for this one!!! You are a wonderful friend to donate this to Claudia's cause. Awesome.


That's beautifully and wonderfully generous of you!


You make the shawl FO so seductive with the beads, and the come-ons.


Gorgeous! Love the beads, too.


It's beautiful. I love the muted colours and the way the beads picked up on the fabulous blue. Congratulations!


Absolutely beautiful! The beads are just the perfect touch, especially with that blue color and the simple pattern. Love. It.


Already donated and so hope to be lucky enough to win it! It's stunning! The beads are perfect for the bit of sky. Forest Canopy will be my next foray into lace though of the fingering variety I think.

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