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We're waiting on the heat, too. Maybe this weekend we'll see some sun. Nice toes!


Read this: http://thepioneerwoman.com/photography/2008/09/assigning-the-color-profile/


I'm ready for a warm up! And Gale explained the picture color thing to me a while ago but now I can't remember what she said.


Nice feet! My photos always look like crap; I've given up.


Nice mani- pedicure! Cute daisies. Now if only the sun would come out and give some 70+ heat.


I get that washed-out look in my Typepad preview, too, but it doesn't look as bad once it's posted. Pretty manis/pedis! I got my toesies done yesterday, too, and yes, they are already chipping -- me in my garden shoes and dog-walking shoes. It's so hard to be pretty.


Summer starts Sunday. You are just in time.


Toe painting will happen tomorrow. Can't say the same for the warm weather. The news said it will arrive here in the N.E. but seriously I checked the weather chanel and it had more gloom and doom! Ugh! How much more water can my plants endure.


I love your nails! I had toes done a week and a half ago for sandals, but I just can't bring myself to have my nails done: it is such a lost cause!


where do you like to get your nails done in our 'hood?


Love the toe color! Luckily I found my summer color on Amazon.com this year. Funny how we women are about our summer feet.

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