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I couldn't finish reading your post, but not because I'm bored...because I have to get to work at this ridiculous hour. However, I'm wondering: Are you gardening this year?


Yep..........we've been bitten by that sewing bug haven't we? LOL. I love what you did with your little corner...it looks great!

Yikes........that blister looks sore. Both Miles and Courtney have both been burned by bike pipes. (have I told you how much alike they are?)


I think you stole my next blog post title....


A perfectly Terry post. Everyday I wonder when you'll come up for air. After a full production project like that (and it is beautiful!) you deserve a day of looking for seaglass. I'll bet your room was transformed and is a place you love to be. At least you've had some time on the beach and I hope you get much more.


I love the pedi!

We are in Chicago right now -- we'll be back on Tuesday. Want to get together some afternoon this week?


I've had a few of those pipe burns in my day. One really bad one, when I tipped the bike with my leg caught underneath. No fun.


I hear you, woman!


I would have stuff to say but I'm too busy looking for sea glass earrings on etsy now.


I beat Norma to work by 10 minutes. Heh.

We talked about this, right? That I was relieved to see that I wasn't the only one who walked into open dishwasher doors?

Tracy J.

I know the bored feeling. Glad to see you still posting, though. And ouch on the burn! Some lessons just need to be learned over and over... and over, that's all.


Now that is seriously brilliant! Your sewing/computer area rocks ~ High fives!!


Blog-writing, yep. Commenting, yep. Ravelry, facebook, yep. The novelty has definitely vanished. And yet...we do keep coming back to our blogs, don't we? We do keep surfing this net, don't we? We do keep coming back to comment occasionally on a fellow blogger's way with words, don't we? We do occasionally make each other laugh, or think. Or both. Don't we? Yes, we do. Good to catch up with you, Teresa.


It's interesting to find how challenging the content side is for some

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