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Been sending Margene all the love, good thoughts and karma I can muster throughout the day. She's a good egg. :-)

Love your list and have been chuckling away.


oh my goodness! of course we all (should) know Margene and her awesome zen-ness. I had no idea this was going on. Sending her positive vibes and prayers...


The positive ethersphere can only help.

I LOVED that quilt. And I fear creative stash switching is the human condition.


Sending Margene all the good wishes and wellness I can muster, keeping her in my prayers.

Oooh, the sheep are adorable. I can't wait to see what other plans you have for them!


That quilt is awesome! The sheep motif is just perfect, too. Awful about Margene, but she's got a great attitude and will do fine. Fingers crossed that they can fix her laparoscopically!


Thanks for letting us know about Margene. All my best thoughts are being sent for her.


I feel the same way about Margene. I'm trying not to worry but it's hard. Love the quilt, you know. But why aren't you quilting it yourself?


Tea cozies?


Sending many prayers out to our friend. I LOVE the quilt -- it's so cute!!


I'm sending all my best thoughts to Margene. And, as a born editor, I sympathize. I want summer to last forever too, and I'm glad it's only three months from equinox to solstice, else I would go mad. On the other hand, there's nothing quite like snuggling by the fire with knitting.

A born editor can't help but remark on the disjointedness of that paragraph.


Still thinking about our Margene and worrying enough for Carole and myself.

Love the quilt! A million years ago, I made a baby quilt out of flannel with little sheepies on it. I wonder if I have any of that left...


I so totally agree with Number 1. And that is so not like me -- usually I'm praying for fall to come.

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