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Of course I'm flirting with you, you hot little blue thang! I'm even the first one posting a comment, because IRL I'm peering through your windows and I can see that you just blogged.

OK, that was a little weird. Sorry. I'm normal and shy in my non-digital life, as you know.


Hate playing phone tag with doctor offices, if I had a pet peeve list it would be near the top of it.

Can't wait to see more of your sewing.

Yup, having a giveaway -- because the truth is I'm intimidated by the size of my stash... ;)


The voice mail is driving me nuts.


I'm going to have a LOT of blue on my blog today....that will help cheer you up a little. :)


Our DVR line-up is identical!


I think you'd do well on Jeopardy most nights. Those shows about hoarding are another reason why maybe not having cable is a good thing -- I think I'd be tempted :-)


You're not tall? You seem tall. Hmmm...

Watch Clean House. It will make you feel better about how you live. Just avoid the Messiest House episodes because those people need professional help.

Teresa C.

Ha! I seem tall. Must be the aura of height I give off in my personality. I'm 4'11". Well, that is what my license says and I'm sticking with it, lie or not. My youngest daughter is not even as tall as that and never will be. Just a couple of shorties.

And you are right, I don't want to see the people that hoard their used tp. Ewww. If that isn't enough to prove they need real help, the fact that they let themselves be put on television is.


On Sep 17, 2009, at 2:24 PM, [email protected] wrote:


I love SYTYCD. Love it. But that is the only reality thing I watch. I used to watch Project Runway, but not in a few seasons.


I was away and missed you luau skirt - I love it! Do I see a trip to Hawaii in your future???!!! :)


Having read through a few previous posts....sounds like you are having joint/muscular pain along with food allergy issues, probably some other symptoms as well. Have any of your doctors mentioned Fibromyalgia? My sister also went through every test known to man and after 2 years of symptoms and testing to rule everything else out, was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. No cure, but it is treatable and can be managed. Just wanted to mention and see if I could help-I'm no doctor but the experiences sounded similar to me. Take care!

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