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Oh my gosh! Well, I'm glad you can still drink green & rooibos, but I'm very sad for you that you can't have black tea! And if you need someone to take that black rose tea off your hands, please keep me in mind... (I happen to love all the rose teas that I have tried so far, but I haven't tried Harney's....)


African Autumn is fantastic. Try it!


No black tea?!! Wow. The roses are beautiful!


Wow! Well at least it's not all teas, though sorry your original rose tea is off limits. The green and white ones look interesting! Beautiful roses! Part way through the post I thought you had used the petals from the roses in your vase.


Bummer that you finally succumbed to the pleasure of rose tea only to then find out you can't have the one you love. Life is full of compromises, isn't it?


If it is caffeine in the black tea, one can decaffeinate any tea by steeping for 45 seconds, dumping that brew, then pouring in new water and steeping per usual. Learned that at Jacqueline's Tea Room in Freeport in february. However, if you also can't do Roibus, then it must not be the caffeine...


O man....that bites! Thank goodness it is not all teas. Did they find anything else?


Really? I've never tried Rose tea thinking it would be like drinking air freshener.

Your flowers are gorgeous!


I felt the same way about lavender sugar cookies -- how could something with such a strong scent (even one I loved) TASTE good? Good luck with all the changes -- I hope you see some wonderful, desired results!


Oh, I ADORE flower-scented foods. Love lavender shortbread, rose-water cookies, etc. Lemme see, it's not up there on a status with your gourmet varieties, but I have an addictive (to me) rose-scented green tea by Republic of Tea. I LOOOOVE it. And by a quick Google I found lots of other brands, as well. I hope you find one you love as much as the one you mentioned.


Oh, yikes, giving up teas? It's like asking a monkey to forgo bananas. Hang in there, darling!


Oh no! I'm sorry you got such sucky news. Try to remember how much better you'll feel once you're following that new list of yours.


Cheryl S.

I'm usually not big on flavored teas, but I sure like Harney's Cherry Blossom. Haven't ever tried a rose tea.

Feel free to send me all your black tea. As long as it isn't Earl Grey. :)


yeast is sooo hard to eliminate. I did a yeast free detox thingy once and I was shocked to see in how many foods they do sneak it in...

Good luck!


Thank goodness you can still drink green tea. And some are quite hearty-tasting. I don't know how you feel about smoked teas but hojicha is yummy. This has made me curious about what might happen during fermentation that makes black tea unfriendly for you.


Tea??? TEA!!!?!?!

That is just so. bogus.

I guess we will be sharing a pot of green tea in the future.....

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