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Those are wonderful colors - Lucky Gillian.


Love the contrasts, the fabrics and colours look amazing.


Love the quilt and the combo of fabrics and colors!


Beautiful quilt in progress. Looking forward to seeing the sweater, and it's nice hearing from you. Miss you when you're not blogging.


Thanks for the link....I love that quilt! I'm getting back into quilting and while I don't have a Gammill (in my next life), I do have that HandiQuilter frame, never out of the box, and my new Bernina with the Bernina Stitch Regulator. No excuse not to make that quilt for my son and DIL! (I like the black, white and red combo, but loved the quilt on the other blog, too!)


Your photographs of the quilt are beautiful. Great color combo, too!


Sooo pretty and interesting!


Red gray and black is one of my most favorite combinations....and it beautiful in this quilt!

Gail H.

It's good to have a post from you again. I think that quilt is stunning! Great colors, fabrics and placement.


It's wonderful. Red, black and white are my cup of tea.

You may not have been posting but your missives have been very welcome.


I love the red, black & white quilt! I could decorate a room around those colors!


Very lovely. The colors are so stunning. Good luck with all that busy-ness. It must be fall.


That is the greatest color scheme EVER.


Great quilt-to-be! Thanks for your visit to my blog and entering the give-away!

CintiSusan-Susan Voegtly

Hi! Nice to find another knitter/quilter. Here's the mystery - how come you knit in blue and quilt in black, white, and red????
Inquiring mind wants to know.


Lovin' that red, white and black - so sophisticated.


I love this!


That's the perfect red. It's not too bright, but is a definite true red.

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