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I am going to the Cameron Highlands next week on a school trip! I will get you some tea if you like. Even though you just ruined DWTS for me this week (we don't get that episode until Friday in the UK!)...still, I find Aaron unbearable so that is a spoiler I am happy to read.


C is for cookie (and thats good enough for me)! And rubber duckie makes bath time fun - why yes, I did watch Sesame Street.


A blue house in a tea field...sounds like heaven.


I miss watching "Sesame Street". The grandchildren have other favorites (Dora the Explorer; Berenstain Bears; Angelina Ballerina; Little Einsteins). Maybe I will try to introduce them to SS and that will give me an excuse to watch it when they come over!


I was thinking there are seriously not that many good movie remakes. But I just thought of two: "Little Women", with Winona Ryder (it wasn't perfect, but SO MUCH better than any other version that it almost can't be compared!); and "The Man Who Knew Too Much" w/Jimmy Stewart and Doris Day (I know people who prefer the older version, but I think this one is fun!)

I almost forgot the 2nd one while trying to think of the actors' names in "Little Women".


I'm on a roll: another great movie remake is "The Producers"!


Hello! /grins

Kelly is a waste of space. She always has been and I don't see that changing anytime soon.


I suppose if I watched DWTS, I would have more knit time?


There was a Sesame Street piece on Sunday morning last week -- so great!! I've only watched a couple DWTS -- didn't like Donny's outfit the other night.


muh, nuh, muh, nuh

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