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You crack me up! I love the runner and the warring in your head to get the result you did. And I love the coasters-centered zebra heads and all! I am really enjoying reading you everyday btw. :-)


This is Terry's brain on sewing... Looks fabulous and you do such creative and beautiful work.


Obsessive? You? I don't believe it... ;)

They came out GREAT! I am really looking forward to part three.


I do adore your special kind of craft crazy. At least it always pays off - those are really fabulous. And I love, love, love the "mug quilts" with their centered zebra faces. You rock on with the crazy - it works for you.


I love free motion quilting but I know it must be a challenge for you to just let go and let the machine take over! Seeing the awesome projects in this book almost makes me want to quilt again.


I L.O.V.E it!! Can't say enough about the simple graphics. I'm thinking that you are even more creative away from the blues.. this black and white stuff... with the red!!!! POPS! Most quilting, unless antique, doesn't get me that excited. This, well, this is fun, and modern and zippy.


You sure you don't want (need) some of the black and white and red fabrics from my stash?


I'm catching up w/stuff as best I can after being out of touch for a few days and then slammed with all the work stuff that I put out of my mind 'til this morning at 7 a.m. Anyway, I'm droolin' over here. And I'm on the edge of my seat.

Lisa McGuire

I'm all caught up in the drama and obsession of the red, black & white and zebras...I wait for part three...love the teapot and cups, so adorable!


An obsessive quilter? I know a few of those, cough-cough...

The runner and coasters look amazing! I'd have fretted over the zebras and had to face them in 2 directions too.

Love your tea pot and cups! Did she get those too?


The first step is admitting you've got an issue. :)

That said, I've been there myself, so I can 100% appreciate the time you took to get the zebras aligned in an interesting, visually pleasing manner. VERY nice!

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