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The best quilt ever! Eloise is one lucky baby to be so loved! My favorite sheep is the one with the blue/green swirlies.


Oh - it's so darned cute. It will definitely be a most loved blankie. I wonder if the Mom will want to use it or hang it on the wall. Congratulations on a beautiful FO.


You did a fantastic job and I'm so happy to see it all quilted now. Eloise will love it and cherish it for years to come.


You do beautiful work and the reason you do is because you care so much. It's an exceptional quilt and it's easy to see love in each stitch.


I remember each step of this quilt, right down to repeating the same mistake...LOL. I think that you really did learn so much in making this quilt, but most important of all is that it was made with love for a special little lady and her mama. :)


Wonderful quilt, Terry! It couldn't be more perfect!


This is truly a fabulous quilt. And now you're sounding like me - putting the same wrong block back in the wrong spot!


Unbelievable perfectionism. I truly wouldn't have that in me. I just stand and look in awe. GORGEOUS.


Gorgeous, T! Such a wonderful gift.


Amzaing, T. Love it.


That is so cute that it is hurting me.


The end result quilt is fantastic!!


It is wonderful!


Terry the quilt is stunning. You did an amazing job and Eloise is so blessed to have an Auntie that loves her and her Mommy so much.
Just Beautiful!


*so*beautiful*, each and every stitch.


I love that quilt! Do you remember where you got the pattern, by any chance?

Oh, and putting it together wrong, ripping it and putting it together wrong again? Been there more times than I'll ever admit.



Ummm . . . Do you take commissions? I LOVE this and have a great need for something special for a little one that almost didn't make it. That, or how about Skype teaching? Beautiful work, really.

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