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After catching up on the whole process of this piece, I vote add the border now. It makes the colors pop more. But I'm not a quilter so what do I know. :-) It's lovely.


I think it's perfect without the extra border, but what do I know? I'm a lapsed quilter. ;^)


Add the border. It's like a frame for a painting--it finishes it off.


The border will pull the whole work together. Without it, it won't look finished (JMHO, but to establish my credentials, I have studied both design and a lot of quilts; and in the rather distant past I won a few quilting awards).


I vote to add the border....it looks a little bland without it, but looks great with it.!


I like the border too! The piece is really pretty!


My gut reaction was to say "border"...but what were you planning for a binding? That might be enough contrast. No, I think definitely border!


Border - I love the pumpkins


The border!! The border! It makes the whole thing POP.


I think it looks beautiful with or without the border. It's amazing what the right color even in such a tiny area did. The whole thing just pops.


I too like the border. It frames the quilt. Nice job.


Definitely border.

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