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Well, the iPhone is amazing, and you really should get the Bose, and as long as the sewing machine has the BSR, either one! (Kim and I have the same machine.) And that is a pretty special spindle....new design? Good luck with all of the above!


I don't know why I read these posts. I always end up wanting something I never knew existed (teapot).

Get the iPhone. It makes life simpler, not more complicated.


The teas not so bad...$1/cup and you save it for special days. I want everything on your wish list, too!


I agree with Laurie.........now I am in that want mode and in my fantasy world that big Bernina of a Gammil would be on my list. ;)


Nice wish list. The spindle is indeed gorgeous.


You're making me want those things too now...
What is it with watches? I keep trying to pick one for myself and just can't decide.


Happy Birthday, Meg!!

I'm with you on the iPhone commitment thing. I'd love an iTouch, tho... maybe... I think.
; )


Happy Birthday, Meg!

I've been de-cluttering lately -- trying to get rid of rather than re-accumulate! It's hard though -- lots of cool things. A sewing maching may be in the future . . .


Awww mum! Thanks for the b-day shoutout, I just saw it today. I started a blog today by the way, but I don't want a million people following it. It's my 90-days of datelessness blog. I'm making a bet with myself that I can go 90 days without going on a date. Or having a boyfriend haha. I know I probably should be a little bit more ambitious but 90 days already looks daunting. Blahh. anyway, if you wanna read it it's bettingonthesinglelife.blogspot.com
I think. yikes.


Wonderful list!

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