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NPR did a thing on Gratitude and what it means and in cultures other than our own around Thanksgiving. The gist is in an article I came across:


Where's the link to your gratitude blog? I so enjoyed reading the responses.


Great idea! Did you make that button? Nice job. I'm so glad people have taken the "thankful thursday" thing and just run with it.


What a wonderful idea.....maybe I might even join you on this one. :)


This year has been full of thankfulness and gratitude(to the extreme). The love of many family and friends has brought me through the last few months. It's the time of year we think of "things and stuff", when the greatest gift is family, friends, health and life.


That's a good reminder.


If I may...I'm thankful for the painless IV insertion. As an oncology RN, many of those I care for need intravenous (IV) medications. It is the small things that look big when anxious and scared...I know. To be on the giving end of a painless IV start is something for which I am very thankful for, don't you agree?


If there is anything I am thankful for on a three or four times a day basis, it is indoor plumbing. For my way of thinking history didn't even start until it's reinvention in the 1800s (I believe the Romans did have it in antiquity.) And going along with llmcguire, I am very thankful for medical miracles. Gratitude covers a lot of ground. You won't lack for material!


Indoor plumbing is high on my list, too, LOL.


I'd love it if you joined in with my Thankful Thursday posts. Just sign in with Mr Linky on Thursdays. Oh and I'll be wtching to make sure nothing is missing! I'd help you with that quilting if I lived near you.

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