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Of course it's all about you!! It should be!!! Happy Birthday and enjoy your day. And your year. And hope you get a present every day of December.
Not that you care - but I'm born in 66 and I'm convinced us girls from the 60's are better than the rest... ;)


Happy Birthday! You think 47 stops you in your tracks, wait till it's 52. That will give you pause...


Happy birthday!!


Woohoo for 47 and woohoo for YOU!!


Happy Birthday! It's a prime one, too.


Happy birthday! And you can't possibly be 47 - seriously?


Happy Birthday! (What a wonderful man who helped you -- and I doubt you were very much weight to carry, so it was a safe bet for him I'm sure. I am glad he was there to help little you.)


Happy Happy Birthday!


Happy Birthday! I love puzzles, too, and I wish we had a place where we could leave one out to work on.


Happy, happy birthday! Hope you get those presents!


Happy Birthday Terry! I love jigsaw puzzles too. We have a ping pong table that I can put one on but it's in the basement and off the beaten path. Haven't done one in years- maybe this will be the year of the puzzles......


Happy Happy Birthday....I hope it was a good one! 47...you are still a puppy. :) I love how that sock is turning out. :)


Happy birthday! You are celebrating with style. If you like jigsaw puzzles, you should stay for a special weekend at Rabbit Hill Inn. THey specialize in Stave puzzles. I have never met anything more diabolical in all my life, even topping lace.

Lisa McGuire

Happy Birthday!


Happy Birthday! From the photo, it looks like a delightfully blue day.


Happy Birthday!!!


Happy Birthday!! I've discovered jigsaw puzzles online. All the fun without cluttering up a surface in my house. I'm not telling you where though. I don't want to be blamed for sharing a time suck. You'll have to find them yourself:)


Ahh - Happy Birthday. Great memories. I love the broken bones story (if that's possible). What a gentle soul this man was. I'm glad he was there to help you. Hope you had a fantastic day.


Happy Birthday! Love the fabric-can't wait to see what you create with it!


Have a wonderful birthday & a wonderful year!


Happy! Happy! Happy!!


Happy birthday to you! Hope you have a wonderful day.


Happy belated birthday!


happy belated birthday to you. i'm going to take my next birthday age by the horns too. :-).


Happy Belated Birthday!


Late birthday wishes! Hey, I feel TOTALLY the same way about jigsaw puzzles.

And on number one. Its just not possible, that age.

blogless sharon

happy birthday, an yes it is all about you!!


I didn't realize you had posted! Happy Birthday here!

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