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Happy New Year!! I think I love your tree. My sister once kept a tree up for an entire year, re-decorating it every month with a different theme.


I love the tree! And the ornaments are beautiful!


Happy New Year! I love your new tree, too.


Love your tree! It reminds me of one I could spy in my neighbor's window when artificial trees first came on the scene. I wanted one so bad, but my parents were traditional. I have a little three footer ( green), I put up in my entry way. The past two years I've decorated it with felt ornaments so my granddaughter could touch a tree without fear of breaking. She was so sweet and gentle this year!


Your tree is beautiful and so very YOU. Your project mosaic is wonderful but no knitting?


I LOVE your new tree and I bet it was perfect in your dining room!

At first I thought you had already made the projects in your mosaic....yikes! LOL. Those are some lovely prujects!


Can't wait to see what comes out of your inspirations. Beautiful tree! The blue is a no brainer (for me as well as for you.)


Happy New Year!! The tree is fabulous and just you. You'll have a good time finding blue ornaments for it all year, too.


I love your tree! We had blue lights on our tree in our blue living room when I was a child so this reminds me of home. BTW - I LOVE those amazing Christmas quilts. They are incredibly gorgeous!


I love your tree! It's perfect you and must look wonderful in your dining room.

I LOVE that red and white tree quilt. Like I need to return to quilting. o.0

Happy New Year!


happy new year to you!!!!!


Happy New Year! LOVE your tree. ;o) I got mine at JoAnns too! 50% off. Thinkin it's the same tree. ooxx


Happy New Year Terry! Cute tree too. Love the quilts.


A little late but steeped in truth, Happy New Year! Cool tree! I like the idea of having a tree up all year round with different decorations, but wait, I'd probably still have last year's Easter stuff on it with this year's Christmas.

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