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My new month old verizon phone has almost kicked the bucket- the store had no new replacements so one was ordered that would arrive in the mail. It did- it's a "certified used" one. WTF? My son has already gone through one Droid. The first new one had major bugs in it within days. The second appears to know how to behave. Hope yours is problem free. Love your colored glass. Is it pressed? It reminds me of beach glass.


Love/hate technology -- I agree 100% with everything, except for the fancy new phone part.

Beautiful shades in that glass collection.


I'm jealous about the droid. How do you like it?


Love the sea glass collection! My snowmen will be up until I think it is time for spring! Sometime around March they start to "melt".


Facebook and Typepad are more than enough for me and now I know I'll stick with my very old phone. Technology has a way of taking you away from real living.


Heehee.......you do make me chuckle. I think you may be right...it's time for tea and knitting. ;)


I TOTALLY know what you mean. As I tell the kids when they bring up "why can't we get x-y-z," there are still only 24 hours in a day, why do we need *more* distractions.


I love you.

I'm lucky to know my own name at the end of the day. Never mind passwords, usernames and which email I used for what site. FFS!

Love the glass, too. Sea glass or pressed?


Love the picture! Have fun with the phone.

I just joined facebook cuz I wanted to see a friends page. I have everything private so hopefully no one will find me and I can ignore it.


Try keeping a small Rolodex next to your computer and writing the password for the website under the first letter of that website. For instance, I put the password for Lands' End under "L." It works for me: before that I had a million pieces of paper around the house I never could find. My only problem now is that I can never find a pen/pencil to write with. But that's not a high tech problem!


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